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David Lawson Pitts Jr

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Posted by Jeanette on March 11, 2015 - 03:26 pm
Once, I went with dad and Dave to go pick up some mirrored show doors that were purchased second hand. I broke one of them by accident that I did not fairly think should have been blamed on me as my task was trying to 'prevent them from breaking by cushioning them while I drive.", which is what dad told me. When we arrived and one was broken Dad told me I would now have to PAY for said broken door. Dave paid that debt for me which was minimal to him I am sure as he was an adult with a job whereas it was a huge debt to me as I was not making money. I was at that time going daily with dad to work at a furniture store in Jacksonville over off of 103rd in Jacksonville from Callahan and he and I delivered furniture all day and I never was compensated other than daily being rewarded with crackers and Vienna sausages or something similar. Dave was my hero THAT day.